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House Rules

Character Creation

25 Point Buy for PC’s

Creating NPC’s – Heroic stat array (and wealth) for cohorts, basic stat array (and wealth) for everyone else (ex. followers)

Monsters as PC’s is allowed.
Players are allowed either to play as a monster race, or with a +0/1 cr template. Not both.
Kobolds will be changed, a lot.

Allowed Sources

Core Rulebook
Bestiary 2
Bestiary 3


Monster races that are typically non-good, will almost always be a bad idea in the dungeon. Other members of your race are either slaves to an agressor, or an agressor to someone, somewhere in the dungeon.
Non-violent and preferably diplomatic solutions can nearly always be attempted with intelligent creatures, and generally give you a better outcome than slaughtering everything in sight.
This place is suffused with magic, planar magics are seriously messed up. Bags of Holding, Portable Holes, Secret Chest, Ring Gates, Summoning, Etherealness, Shadow Walk, Plane Shift, Teleport, Dimension Door, Shift, Blink, Secure Shelter, Mage’s Magnificent Mansion, Rope Trick


Not Gonna Happen:

Anything not from Paizo Publishing™, Alderac Entertainment Group™, Bastion Press™, Mongoose Publishing™, or Wizards of the Coast™.

Currently Prohibited

Crafting rules

Non-magical crafting

Take your check result, subtract the DC. This is your progress for the 8-hour workday. Your goal is to get your “pool” of these points to equal or exceed the DC.

Credit for these rules goes to Cicciograna on EnWorld forums “Logical, usable and simple craft rules” thread

Magical crafting

I’ll think about this and come up with something later

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